Bulk Vanderhuge

Proprietor of The House of Pain, Adalayn Vale Wrestling Champion


Bulk Vanderhuge

Race: Human
Sex: male
Eyes: brown
Hair: black w/ full beard
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 260 lbs.

Appearance: a towering, bearded man whose thick muscles bulge under tightly fitted and brightly colored clothing and a long feather boa. Is rarely seen without his prize possession, an obscenely large golden belt bearing the words “AVW Championship.”

Home: Centervale

Occupation: owner of the House of Pain inn and tavern, professional wrestler


Campaign relevance:

  • Offered party members a chance to try out for his weekend wrestling promotion.
  • Is being paid by Mayor Richard Orbon for the party’s room and board while they are under the town’s employ.
  • Snores

Bulk Vanderhuge

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