Session III - "Un-Bear-able"

The party exits the goblin caves. Brash takes a Bear Trap out of his bag and places it in front of the exit/entrance. They then make camp to sleep, planning on taking turns on lookout. Raven climbs up a tree.

Seafire’s watch is first, nothing of note happens. Then Raven goes on watch. She spots a Black Bear walking through the woods looking for food. The bear stops and smells the wind. It begins to bound towards the sleeping crew. Yelling for everyone to wake up, Raven loosens an arrow and the bear but misses. The bear makes a great attack jumping onto Angus. Raven misses the bear again. Brash tries to flank with the prone Angus and hits the bear, taking a deep chunk out of it. The bear gets off of Angus and attacks Brash. Seafire force feeds Angus the last potion of cure light wounds. Raven jumps out of the tree, onto the bear, attempting to skewer it, but misses. Angus stabilizes. Bear attacks Brash, with Raven managing to stay on its back. Brash is knocked unconscious. Seafire runs to the entrance of the cave, and throws the engaged bear trap at the bear’s face. It his and makes a painfully muzzle for the Black Bear. Raven misses again. Bear charges Seafire, Raven (not so gracefully) falls off the bear. Seafire tries to uppercut it, but misses. Raven charges the bear and misses. Brash stabilizes. Seafire does his Flurry of Blows, and misses. Raven charges and flanks, hitting the bear. The Bear is now pretty staggered. Seafire kills it.

Seafire resets the bear trap and puts it in front of the door again. The party needs to rest now more than ever. Raven takes first watch, since she wasn’t damaged during the attack, and cleans the bear pelt and preps it for dinner. Everyone then wakes up and LEVELS UP. Angus heals everyone. Raven requests that he uses his water spell to try and get some of the filth from the cockroach room off of both them. It kinda works. Brash walks to entrance and reclaims his bear trap. Angus attempts to figure out what special powers the white orb has, but doesn’t know.

Choosing to reenter the goblin cave, Raven scouts the continued hallway. She pops her head around a corner and finds a giant black Warg, riden by Warg Master “Kuk”, a goblin upon its giant back. The Warg Master also had a hold of 2 goblin dogs by a leash. Spotted by Kuk, Raven sees him smirk and release his 2 dogs. She runs around the corner back to the party to warn them and readys her bow. Seafire moves into the middle of the hallway and readys action. The 2 dogs round the bend. Seafire shirakins GoblinDogA, and Raven then kills it with her arrow. GoblinDogB attacks Seafire and misses. Kuk, Warg Master, charges around the corner and swings his battle axe at Seafire, hitting him. As he runs by, the Giant Warg manages to bite Seafire. Brash moves to the Warg and rider and makes a mighty Cleave towards the ceiling, taking a chunk out of both of them. Angus hits the Warg with his hammer. Seafire uses Flurry of Blows on GoblinDogB and kills him. Raven runs and flanks Kuk, killing him. The Warg, greatly injured, is intelligent enough to attempt and Withdraw. Angus and Seafire miss attacks of opportunity and the Warg half limps/ half runs down the hallway.

Raven scopes out the room where the Warg Master had been. Finds a tannery with giant cages, presumably for animals or Wargs, as well as a seemingly magical red bead that looks of fire. Brash takes the Warg Master’s head. Angus takes the wolf pelt/cloak the goblin had been wearing and puts it on himself. Brash finds on the dead goblin: a small great axe, small battle axe, and a coin purse with : 7 gold, 32 copper, 7 silver.

Raven scouts down the hallway. To the right she finds an odd forced doorway into the wall. Sensing no traps, she puts her ear to it and hears no noises. She then look down the first hallway farther and pokes her head around an archway. She is immediately spotted by a gaggle of goblins. To the back of the medium sized room is a goblin in an ill fitting purple robe. He is on a raised platform, with an ornate chair that doubles as a throne. The floor around him is littered with gold and silver trinkets. To the back left of him is a large red curtain. There is a torn and tattered red tapestry hanging behind the “throne”. At his feet, he has two GoblinSnakes. Under his arm is a small human boy, and in his other hand, a dagger is threatening the child. There are also 6 goblin guards in the room, 4 with shields and short-swords, 2 with bows. In the very center of the room is a fire.

Raven peeks around the corner and shoots and kills GoblinArcherA. All goblins ready action. Raven yells back to the group that there is a child and they must get him out. Brash enters the room, springing goblins into action. 3 shielded goblins attack Brash, and 1 hit. ArcherGoblinB hits Brash as well. Now that there are goblins in range, Brash Cleaves through 2 of them, cutting them in half. Seafire enters behind Brash, killing another shielded goblin. Seafire uses Sun Metal on Raven’s shortbow, making it engulfed in magical fire for 2 rounds (adding 1D4 damage). She moves into the room and kill GoblinArcherB in a blaze of flame. The Goblin King starts yapping, yet continues to hold onto the little boy threateningly. He then slits the child’s throat. Raven becomes enraged. Brash moves up behind the fire, facing the Goblin King, attempting to intimidate him; it fails. Seafire then backs him up and manages to have the enemies be Shaken. Raven uses her last flaming arrows and loosens it at the Goblin King. As it comes near him, it penetrates a shimmering gold magical force-field. It hits him. The last shielded goblin attacks Raven and misses. The 2 GoblinsSnakes also approach. GoblinSnakeA Belches at Raven, she makes a save against the attack. GoblinSnakeB misses her. The Goblin King continues yabbering and wave his arms around wildly. Beneath the feet of Brash, Seafire, and Angus, a black goo forms and spreads toward the fire in the room. It starts on fire. They all take damage. Brash escapes the Grease and misses the shielded goblin. Angus attempts to leave flaming Grease, but his heavy armor makes him slip and fall over. He casts healing spell. Seafire escapes Grease. The shielded goblin and GoblinSnakeA attack Brash. GoblinSnakeB misses Raven. Goblin King raises his hand and shoots a Magic Missile at Brash. Brash hits GoblinSnakeA and Cleaves through, destroying the last goblin soldier. Seafire takes out a rope and pulls Angus out of the firepit. Angus stands up. Raven kills GoblinSnakeA. GoblinSnakeB misses Raven. Goblin King runs behind the red curtain and leans out to hit Brash with Magic Missile again. Brash is dazed. He uses the last of his strength to throw his Chakrum at GoblinSnakeB and beheads it. He then passes out unconscious in a heap. Angus heals the party. Raven walks to where the Goblin King is hiding and rips down the red curtain, shoots an arrow and misses. Brash comes up to the Goblin and hits him. Seafire then approaches and hits with his Shurakan and kills him.

Raven tenderly closes the dead child’s eyes at the foot of the makeshift thrones and prays to Desna. The rest of the party loots the goblins and chops off their heads. Raven and Brash search the Goblin King and his curtain area. They find: Silver Bracers with engravings (unknown language), a small locked chest, an empty leather messenger bag, a small wooden box. Raven takes 2 minutes to unlock the small chest. Inside is: 23 plat, 89 gold, 74 sil, 24 cop, Large White Opal, Brown Spinel, Chalcedony, Quartz, Sard, Azerite). In the wooden box is a handwritten note (unknown language) and a pair of gold earrings with large sapphires set into them. Raven pockets it all. Raven gives Angus the silver bracers since they seem magical. Angus uses Detect Magic. He finds 9 auras, 1 moderate from the orb in his possession, 1 from the bracers, and 2 from Raven (one from the red bead, 1 from the leather bag). He also senses 6 other faint auras from behind the locked door in the other hallway. Angus does know that the leather bag is a “Handy Haversack”, essentially better than a bag of holding. Raven then puts all the now 25 goblin heads into the Haversack, as well as the 3 silver goblets, 1 gold goblet, and silver tray that was found in the room. Angus sacrifices his Blessed to heal Brash by 5.


DM Stuff-
- Does Intimidate in combat affect 1 target or several within a range?
- Does magical healing automatically stabilize someone?
- +1203 xp




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