Session II - "Light Everything on Fire"

The session begins with the adventurers looking around the cavern with the altar and manacled pair of children’s hands. They seem to be a few days old and have started decomposing. Raven is clearly shaken and angered by the sight of them. She tells everyone in an angry voice that they must make these goblins pay and find any survivors.

Raven scouts a hallway ahead, accidentally springing a trap where boulders narrowly miss her, dropping down from above. The group turns right at the branch, after seeing a goblin sprint in that direction.

The next room is filled with piles of hay. Angus throws his hammer epically at a pile, and demolishes it. Sadly, it wasn’t hiding anything. Seafire enters and finds one goblin to his right. Angus then throws a torch into the room and kills a goblin, lighting that section of hay on fire. Seafire then rips out the beating heart of the goblin near him. Brash decapitates the last goblin in the room. He then senses a suspicious rocks and finds a vial of cure light wounds, one platinum piece, 7 silver, and 6 copper. Angus casts Detect Magic and finds a moderate source coming from another hallway.

Traveling the other section of the branch, Raven scouts that there are several barricaded goblins, all with bows. She shoots and kills 2. Angus casts Shield of Faith on everyone. Seafire runs up to first table barricade and shatters it. The new room has a large stone pillar, surrounded by a wood 15 foot high scaffolding. Raven uses her one potion of cure light wounds.

Seafire kills goblin. Brash kills goblin. Raven flanks and sneak attack kills goblin. Brash topples part of the scaffolding and kills goblin. Seafire kills goblin. Brash topples another scaffolding, knock goblin prone. Brash kills another goblin as it attempts to run from Seafire, opportunity kill. The prone goblin near Brash stands up, Brash kills with opportunity attack. The crew loots bodies. Finds: 27 silver, 76 copper. Brash gives Raven one of his cure light wounds potions. Raven and Seafire look around the room. Find: Deck of cards, Bag of marbles, High quality loaded dice. Seafire enters side room, finds it to be the kitchen. Kills cook goblin. Finds a pot of stewing human children with black hair… gross.

All exit through opposite hallway. Several branches of paths. One leads to a large room with wood planks on the ground, one hallways with a 2 branch split, and another hallway with a terrible smell. Angus senses that the magic aura he felt was coming from the hallway with the smell. As they traverse, they find a pressurized sprayer filled with a pesticide called Bolaroot. They enter the large room which they find is pretty much an outhouse. A decline is full of dead body bits, shit, bugs, and more gross stuff. The magic is, of course, emitting from within the filth. Angus tethers himself the Brash and trudges in the muk to grab the magical item. He finds a fist-sized glowing pearl. Then a swarm of cockroaches attack him. He gets pulled from the pit by Brash. Seafire and Raven attack the swarm with the pesticide. The swarm decends on Raven, they spray it all over her. She is Sickened. In an attempt to rescue her, Angus runs over and waves a torch at the swarm. She catches on fire. So does part of the swarm. Raven rolls out the fire, then falls unconscious. Brash drags her away from swarm.

From the depths of the filth, a giant cockroach emerges. After several blows, Brash kills giant roach and Seafire kills the swarm. Angus then revives Raven. The adventurers spot a shiny thing in the other end of the filth. Raven figures, she almost died already, might as well get something out of this, and tethers herself to Seafire, jumping in to grab it. As she clasps the silver diamond shaped religious emblem (had a gold symbol of of Abadar) a Giant Centipede attacks her, taking 3 dex damage. Seafire pulls her out of filth and Brash splits the centipede in 2.

Raven uses the other cure light wounds potion that Brash had giver her.


DM Stuff-
- Does potion of “Cure light Wounds” cure poison?
- Can you use cleave during attacks of opportunity?
- 1023 xp
- Level up after sleep, so have level 2 character ready!




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