Mayor Richard Orbon

Mayor of Centervale


Mayor Richard Orbon

Race: human
Sex: male
Age: unknown, appears in his early 40s
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Height: 6’
Weight: 190

Home: Centervale

Occupation: Mayor of Centervale

Campaign relevance:

  • hired the party to strike back against nearby goblins who ransacked Centervale
  • after negotiating with Raven, agreed to pay the party 15g for all Goblin Heads killed, room and board at the House of Pain, and a parade in their honor for having defended the town in a goblin attack
  • gifted the party 4x potions of cure light wounds to aid them in their continued service of the town
  • paid the party in full for 31 goblin heads following their successful excursion to wipe them out
  • agreed to plan a party and annual holiday (Easter) in the party’s honor

Mayor Richard Orbon

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